Pacific Coast Land Company


Building Prosperity

A Growth Mindset

Pacific Coast Land Company (“PCLC”) develops and constructs a portfolio of long term real estate holdings and investments. Currently over 50 properties are managed in the portfolio. PCLC primarily focuses on residential multi-family units on Southern Vancouver Island, British Columbia. 

The average PCLC project has a 10-15 year timeline and these projects are made available to an exclusive network of investors. 




Did you know

We have 50+ properties in our portfolio.





founder / ceo

Harald "Harry" Skadberg

Mr. Skadberg is a founding member of PCLC and has over 35 years of construction management experience. He has previously served as the president of the Nanaimo builders association, and been active in the rotary club and other local non-profit efforts. | 250.382.5599



founder /director

JanEgil ("John") Gulbrandsen

Mr. Gulbrandsen has over 20 years of real estate development experience.  His holdings span over a dozen companies on three continents and range in scope from vacation properties to golf resorts and hotels.



ben photo 2.png

site superintendent

Ben Gulbrandsen, Esq.

Mr. Gulbrandsen is a California attorney who recently relocated back to his home city of Victoria to pursue the family business of real estate development. | 250.508.9175